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The rest of them are Single but Normal!Kay and 2p!Kay.)
Mun's wall down here!

Real family on da:
Big brother :iconrandomuploading:

Little sister :iconcami119:/:iconcamille119: ( Note she's a bitch at times. )

If you done something bad Cry: Grounded by Kiwa007

Zombie Army Member stamp by RickyTheZombie
Why should we be living, when we all are gonna die

Heya! I'm the Mun of this account, you can call me Lee or Sly I don't mind if you give me a different nickname either, I could randomly pop up into a role play so don't mind that please! I'm a girl, a thirteen year old girl at that so if I mess up in spelling or just mix up with role plays don't mind that too.Welp, I hope you all have a good day!
P.S, If I'm not on while we're role playing there's a few reasons to why,
One: My family could have dragged me to do something which happens a lot.
Two: My family has a lot of problems which I will only tell a few friends about, like Firegoddess,2pCanadalover and some others..
Three: I might not know how to reply to it.
Four: School. ( It's an online one so it doesn't take so long for the class to end but I end up with a lot of homework at times.. )
Five: I have some problems of my own and not with my family..
That's all five reasons.Time for some gifs now AND yes some'll be hetalia related.

So many funny gifs XD

Why Are YOU Evil?
Why Are YOU Evil?
Hosted By Anime
Are You The Sun, Moon, Or Earth?
Are You The Sun, Moon, Or Earth?
Hosted By Anime
What Anime Hair Color Best Suits Your Personality?
What Anime Hair Color Best Suits Your Personality?
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Which Alpha Female Troll Are You?
Which Alpha Female Troll Are You?
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----♥♥-♥♥----Put This
---♥♥---♥♥---On Your
---♥♥---♥♥---Page If
Itabby journal doll by pokegirl14

*-H-* Put
*-E-* This
*-T-* On
*-A-* Your
*-L-* Page
*-T-* If you
*-A-* Hetalia!

What Element Of Harmony Are You?
What Element Of Harmony Are You?
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What Genre Of Manga Are You?
What Genre Of Manga Are You?
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What Anime Personality Are You?
What Anime Personality Are You?
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Ask-The-Kay-Verisons's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Picture for deviantID was done by :iconxxredxvioletxrosexx: and it was a Commission, which was very well done.

Click Me!

Click Me!

Click Me!

Click Me!

Click Me!

Birthday May 15th, year 2001.
Sign Aries.
Eye color Greyish Blue.
Likes sweets, animals, singing, gardening, and food.
Dislike jerks, people who injure or kill animals, and bullies.
Is Bisexual.
Lee has rather short hair and could be easily mistaken as a male which has happened many times before, and is rather tall for a female, she has greyish blue eyes which are mostly are dull half the time, she is more of a people pleaser then a jerk, it takes a bit to piss her off but when pissed isn't very friendly and will hurt someone but will feel very bad afterwards and tries to make it up them. She is the black sheep in her family and is known as the oddball for her craziness, and is also well known for her insanity since she had snapped before in the past.

:iconsweetamoris-castiel: It took awhile for this to happened, didn't it Cast~?
No one! I cannot allow my heart to fall in love!
:iconsweetamoris-jade: Dammit.. I cannot help it..
:iconsweetamoris-dake: S-stop with t-the flirting D-Dake! o////o
:iconbitchesatsweetamoris: Iris is a cutie~
:iconfiregoddess122: and:iconxxredxvioletxrosexx: ( And a hell lot of best friends that will take forever to write down ) Besssstttt frrriiieeeennnddds!!*Huggles*
:iconsweetamoris-nathanie: You are someone who I can talk to.. A real great friend..
:iconsweetamoris-castiel: You are a dick at times but a really great guy, someone who cheers me up a lot, thank ya Cast..
:iconsweetamoris-jade: A kind, caring, sweet, swell guy.. What is there to say? You are one of my closest friends dude..
:iconsweetamoris-kentin: Even tho you left for Military School you are a great guy Kentin, and a cutie pie as well~
:iconeeveegamergirl: The admin of Ruby and the rest of the ocs, you are a nice gal, wouldn't mind slashing at people to help ya out.
:iconthetwins-amoris: The twins? The two are sweetie pies! Two of the nicest people yah ever meet!
:iconsweetamoris-dake: He's kind and flirty.. Kinda hits on me a lot, I don't know if I'm falling for him! If he keeps it up with the flirting I will melt! >.<
XX Enemies XX
I hate you all go die in hell for all your undead lives...
:iconeeveegamergirl: Ruby.. You changed a bit but I still cannot trust you so yeah....

❒ Single ❒ Taken ✓ Screw this, I'm getting another dog!

CODE 9 CODE 9!!!You all know how it feels when you're talking to someone online, and your mom is standing right behind you, reading every word that is on the screen. Then of course, the other person swears or talks about how much you love your crush or something and your mom reads it and tells you to get offline that instant, and not talk to that person anymore. What can we do about that? To solve this problem, now we have started the "Code 9" system. In code 9, you simply press "9" when your parent or sibling is watching over your shoulder as you type. then begin a conversation about homework or something. The message would look something like "9 so my teacher assigned me a TON of homework today. Ugh."You can talk about anything, not necessarily just homework. When your mom or dad leaves, press "99" to let the other person know that they are gone, so you can have a normal conversation again Copy and paste this into your profile so that Code 9 can be put to use
Do it all of you!

Lyrics do not belong to me they belong to freddie-makesyoufear-fridays.t…

Oh can’t ya see now, you ah gonna to die?

I took foxys hook and- gouged out ya eye~

Here’s~ a nice lil place fo ya to sleep-

Shoved insi’ it so deep!

Cracked open ya skull

Twitchin in fits-

I’ve torn you in-to bits~

Not fam’ly frien’ly

This place as’ gonta shit

Spin my top hat

Soon ya are hit

Yer- concious, an yer blood’ll spew

Da blood will stick like glue

Ya know it’s a trap

Ya stupid sap

Be prepared fo GORE


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